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Welcome to the Howgills Virtual run events!

These are a variety of run events for people to enjoy in the current situation when we have to be mindful of social distancing and having no formal events taking place. In accordance with FRA and EA guidelines we cannot at the moment offer any formal Club events but wanted to support our local running communities and draw in people who might be using their daily exercise time to get out and try a bit of running. Anyone taking part in these Virtual events is doing so entirely at their own volition and has responsibility for their own safety and must be carried out in accordance with current UK government guidance on exercise and travel.

We must emphasise that you should run responsibly and within the Law.

If you are in Kirkby Stephen do the races Kirkby Stephen Races and if in Sedbergh do the Sedbergh Races.

If you are anywhere else Please Do Not Travel and wait for a race near your home- there will be more next month.

If you can not get to the Sedbergh or Kirkby Stephen routes then please use the final option and create your own route from home.

If there are gates on route, please use had sanitizer before and after touching a gate

The events on offer are:

  • A 10k run using the Kirkby Stephen 10k event route (senior members only)
  • A 5k Sedbergh run using a well known mainly off road route
  • A 5k Kirkby Stephen road route using quiet local roads we often use for the Hobblers training
  • A 5k Tebay/Orton route
  • Mike 5k Sedbergh
  • Ravenstonedale 10K )
  • A 5k from your home on your selected route.
How will the runs work?

To enter each event you need to go out and run the designated route as shown on the maps.

You can enter more than once if you wish but on each occasion you must provide evidence that you completed the route and the time taken.

Recording your time and uploading

You can provide evidence in the form of your Strava track or a photo of your Garmin/fitbit etc as below........

strava watchStrava route example

Upload your time and evidence using the form at the bottom of this page.

If you use strava then go to your activity and note the activity number shown in the addres bar (eg would be 123456)

Alternatively take a photo and upload it using the form or send it later to

Upload Here

Results will be shown at the bottom of this page Here

Virtual Races

Kirkby Stephen 10K
kirkby stephen 10k map

Race period 1/5/2020 to 31/5/2020

Type - Road

Seniors - Min Age 16

Start/ finish at the green car park sign in Christian Head car park. Down from KSGS School/p>

Route is anti clockwise

Larger map Here

Kirkby Stephen 5K
kirkby stephen 5k map

Race period 1/5/2020 to 31/5/2020

Type - Road

Seniors - Min Age 16

Starts and finishes at Parrots park Football ground gates

Route is out and back to Winton but you must go around the green( with swings etc) on the road anticlockwise

Larger map Here

Sedbergh 5K
sedbergh 5k map

Race period 1/5/2020 to 31/5/2020

Type - Trail

Seniors - Min Age 16

The Start/Finish can be at any point within the Route that suits but this is the suggested Route Path.

Start at Sid's Barn just below the new SS Sports Centre, run towards the river turn left and run up the hill past the Pepperpot into Akay Wood.

Keep left through the wood and exit at Akay Lodge. Turn R and cross road onto footpath and head towards Winder House.

At the Style drop right ,down to the river footpath and follow the path to Rawthey Bridge. Over the bridge and run down the opposite river side to Milthrop Bridge.

Exit R and go through small metal gate on L, run through field back into Akay Wood keeping left and exiting wood back to pepperpot. Drop down onto School Rugby Pitch and do 3 laps around Pitch (Do not do the laps if any Groundstaff are working on the field just follow riverpath)

Exit the field at the west end turn R and head back to Sid's Barn.

**Note- This route does involve some stiles/gates so do please use sanitser and be respectful of others any livestock on the route.

Larger map Here

Mikes Sedbergh 5K

Race period 1/10/2020 to 31/10/2020

Type - Trail

Seniors - Min Age 16

Start at the crest of Loftus Hill at the junction of Busk Lane.

Run towards Dent and turn left into Milthrop Village

Left in milthrop and follow lanes to Garsdale Road

Onto Non vehicle path to Farfield Row Cottages

Exit Left at Rawthey Bridge and run back into Sedbergh along Back Lane

Left at Sedbergh School Library and run to Wilson Run Finish Line Plaque 100m

Before Bursary entrance.

**Note- This route does involve some stiles/gates so do please use sanitser and be respectful of others any livestock on the route.

Larger map Here

Ravenstonedale 10K
ravenstonedale 10k map

Race period 1/11/2020 to 31/11/2020

Type - Trail

Seniors - Min Age 16

Start at lamp post at elm house/church cemetery.

Go clockwise around village and head towards black swan

Go over bridge and do Loop 1 (L1 on map)

Return over bridge and do Loop 2 (L2 on map)

Finish line is immediately after crossing bridge

Larger map Here

Input Your Race Times




Contact Email

Date of Race Ran (dd/mm/yyyy)

Race Time
Mins Secs

Evidence Place a link to your Strave below

Alternatively take a photo and you can upload below

Upload your file

If you do not have your evidence to hand you can always email it later to

Virtual Races Results

PosNameDateTime Verified
Sedbergh 5K
1Michael Harrison17/05/202025:12Y
Rav 10K
1Terry Roche27/11/202055:37Y
2Tim Sawyer27/11/2057:17Y
3Adele Roche27/11/2057:17Y
4Pauline Tyson27.11.2058:53Y
Kirkby Stephen 5K
1robin Haywood26/o5/202025:06Y
Kirkby Stephen 10K
1Richard Campbell 31/05/202047:15Y
2Adele Roche4/5/202049:22Y
3Paul Diggle16/05/2152:07N
4Graeme Stott03/05/202052:48Y
5Trevor Sansom23/05/2053:39N
6Terry Roche04/05/202056:02Y
7Ellen Stantschew31/05/202057:53Y
8robin Haywood23/05/202059:55Y
9Louise Donnelly-Stott03/05/202085:18Y

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