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Howgill Hobblers Beginners Session

Kikby Stephen Football Club

Parrots Park

Every Sunday 9:00 am

New session start on 6th Jan 2019

Howgill Hobblers

The Howgill Harriers Running Club are working with Run England as part of a national programme to get complete beginners up and running.

If you are a beginner the sessions will be similar to the ‘couch to 5 KM’ programme . A team of licensed trainers will start a series of 12 week courses to coax beginners or people who may have run before of any size, shape and age off the sofa.

The only requirement is that you need to be 12 years old or over. Sessions will be organised across Kirkby Stephen and are set to start in January 2019. If you are interested in these sessions then register with us and we will help get you started.

Not a complete beginner??

If you’ve not run for some time, and want to get started again, or perhaps you lack confidence to run on your own, or joining a club sounds too scary; then we want to hear from you.

We can provide a friendly, supportive environment and organise sessions which can cater for different abilities. You can cover a set course at your own pace- like a park run.

What Do I Do ?

• Read the information here

• Download the registration form and fill it in

• Come along..its that simple

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What are the Howgill Hobblers ?

It is a running group, aimed at complete beginners, or those thinking of returning to running after a period of rest or injury.

It is an amalgamation of RunTogether and the local Howgill Harrier running club.

No matter whether your goal is racing 5Km, running for a charity, or simply to get fitter, we think you will find that the feeling of achievement is hugely satisfying and motivating.

The Sessions

The 12 week training course will be led by a team of qualified Running Group Leaders, supported by Howgill Harrier regulars. These weekly sessions will take place at the Football club every Sunday morning at 9.00am.

The sessions last between 45mins - 1hr

They are designed to get you steadily from walking to jogging/running from Zero to 5k. Each session will begin with a warm up, followed by a varied main section and a cool down with stretches at the end.

Advice will be given on what to wear and where to buy, injury prevention, warming up, cool down stretches, running technique.

The programme will be quite varied to make it as interesting and enjoyable as we can; so, it is not just plodding along! Sessions will include steady runs, gentle hill reps, changes in pace, warm ups and stretching.

The pace will be adjusted to suit the needs of the group. Stronger runners will loop back to join the rest of the group, so running further but in the same amount of time.

We will encourage you to run longer and stronger through training and the goal, by week 10, is to enable you to cover 5 km.

The last two sessions are timed 5km efforts, with no competition (except with yourself) so you can measure your improvement.

After that, if you wish, leaders will support you to progress, to longer distances or perhaps entering a 5Km race. Or some other personal challenge!

Cost ?

The sessions are free if you become a Howgill Harrier member.( £10 to join for a year as a basic/social member, and you can do this via the Howgill Harrier website).

If you are not a member then each session is £2.

If you attend 6 hobbler sessions then we will automatically register you into the Howgill Harriers, so all sessions after this will then be free.

If, eventually you´re thinking you might want to enter races, then you need to be affiliated with England Athletics and this would then be £25.00 (see the website for details).

What to Expect ?

At the first session we will explain what to expect during the course, and at subsequent sessions the leaders will explain in more detail what will be covered during that particular session and answer any queries/concerns that you may have.

Training sessions will last approximately 30 to 45 mins for the first few weeks; this will gradually increase up to about an hour towards the end of the programme.

The aim is for everyone to be able to cover a 5k (3.1 miles) distance over 30 to 45 mins without too much problem!

Please arrive promptly at the Football club ready to get going at 9.00am on a Sunday morning.

Come ready to run, we have access to the club house where there are limited changing facilities.

The Club house will be locked whilst the group is running, so items can be securely left behind if need be. As there is no running water through the winter, we recommend that you use the public toilets near the market square before you arrive for the session.

Safety ?

You will need to sign in and supply an emergency contact number before each session.

Any new injuries or changes in your health will need to be reported to the leaders.

You need to eat something about an hour before you come to the session, (cereals or fruit will do) and bring a cold drink/water with you.

Kit Requirement ?

Running kit doesn´t need to break the bank. All you need to begin with is a decent pair of trainers (but not 'fashion' trainers).

Once you've started running more often, and further, you will need to get some properly assessed running shoes, from a designated running shop. (If you become a howgill member you can get discount at Pete Bland´s running shop)

These are designed to protect your feet against the terrain and reduce the risk of injury as they need to be right for your running style (staff at any good running shop can help with this).

Wear bright coloured clothes if you have any, a hat, gloves and a waterproof jacket will probably be useful. If you are walking, then you can bring walking poles along too, if you wish.

For ladies, a good sports bra is an essential piece of kit, these can be found almost anywhere including M&S!

Homework Sessions ?

If you really want to improve, you should do one more session at some point in between the Sunday sessions. Pick a time that works and timetable it in.

Having a set time for your second session means you do it regularly and don´t put it off!

You should still warm up before and cool down and stretch afterwards to avoid injury. There will more advice and suggestions for homework through the training programme.

The other days are your Rest days. Do not underestimate recovery time, recovery can mean walking, gardening or just chilling out.

As you become fitter you may wish to start including more running into the week but always ensure no matter how fit you are, that you always include recovery days

When Shouldn´t I Run ?

If you have a pain which continues or worsens as you run.

If you have a raised temperature.

If you are unusually tired.

Will I be sore ?

In the beginning muscle soreness is expected but we will take you through a proper session including warmup/cooldown and stretching to ensure you donít have pain or gain an injury.

Most early injury niggles resolve quickly without intervention with rest from running and a gentle stretch of the area perhaps with a 10 minute ice treatment

Support outside of the group ?

There is a Howgill Hobbler Facebook page for the course participants, which can be used for mutual encouragement and support, to raise questions and to liaise with each other for homework sessions.

Only those registered for the course will be able to join the group.

What happens after the 12 week course?

Although there is no structure to the sessions after 12 weeks, we usually continue to meet at the football club gate for a social run. The pace will be that of the slowest runner for these sessions, with anyone who is more able, running loop backs. This gives you an opportunity to meet other runners and to try out some new routes around Kirkby Stephen.

Other Sessions

Wednesdays 6.00pm at the /grammar school. intermediate session

Once you are able to comfortably run 2-3 miles, runners of all abilities are welcome to join the Howgill Harriers for an intermediate session. We meet at the /grammar school in Kirkby every Wednesday evening at 6.00pm. The session is similar to the Sunday morning one, usually 60-90 minutes, although cut backs for short routes are always an option. In the winter you will need reflective clothing and a head torch to join us.

Mondays 6.45pm at the grammar school. (Off road options with variable start points during the summer Ė see HH website for details

Every Monday evening, the club meets at 6.45pm in the car park of Kirkby Stephen Grammar school and runs a variety of routes on local lanes. A head torch and hi-vis clothing are essential in the winter. In the summer the club will meet at different venues, with the option of running off road on the fells.

The distances and pace are adapted to suit. We never leave any of our members; there will always be someone to run/jog with you. If for any reason you need to return back, there will always be someone accompanying you.

Who are RunTogether ?

The RunTogether website, also has lots more information for beginner runners. It is completely free to become a member and joining will help with the co-ordination of beginners groups across the UK. -RunTogether (Run England) is England Athletics´ national running network. It builds on the structure of existing running clubs to make running accessible for all. The aim is to provide a welcoming environment, which allows people to participate at their own level and meet achievable goals- whilst having fun and gaining fitness.